Flaming flamers

Originally posted on Nov 21, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
What is it about computerized text that makes people read the worst into everything anyone says for the first few years they're exposed to the medium? I've noticed that even otherwise sane people go ballistic at the slightest excuse.

I know that I used to be the same myself, until I realized (by getting to know various people that at one time I'd constantly argued with) that it was almost always just an absurd misunderstanding. Very few people are actually trying to insult anyone else, so if you see someone doing it, it's probably you.

Still, even when I go out of my way not to offend anyone, they manage to skip over anything conciliatory, pick out two words that they think I might have said (a couple times they've quoted words I never used, with the scrollback RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF THEM) and FLAME FLAME FLAME FLAME FLAME.

I just want to hit them. Since that's apparently not the right solution, and arguing back to defend myself is futile (if not counterproductive), what *should* I do when this sort of thing happens?

The Gurus Respond:

Civ Gandhi
Your only option is to back up your words with NUCLEAR WEAPONS.

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