Does he like me???

Originally posted on Nov 19, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
I am having a big problem with a guy I work with. He is a realy great guy and I like him a lot. The problem is that I don't know if he likes me. He does flirt with me and our co-workers have said he does like me. I don't want to go on what others say but he hasn't really made a move. I don't know if I should make a move (he is really old-fashioned when it comes to dating) or if I should talk to him about it. Please help I'm crazy about him and don't know what to do. Thanks a bunch.

The Gurus Respond:

Bootblack Mickey
Tell him you like him very much.

You know, he's probably thinking the same thing..."I wonder if she's really interested?" Of course he's also probably contemplating the problems associated with dating a co-worker. Which are:

1. Dating co-workers is a bad idea.

2. Dating co-workers is a freakin' bad idea, are you listening? Hello?

Unless your job is like, being in an adventuring party. Then it's OK.

Well yeah. Of course.

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