Montage video advice

Originally posted on Nov 17, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
I have a project in my media class to create an idea associative montage. My group is using one of my ideas, namely a person being locked in a room, forced to do endless paperwork and slowly goes mad. All to a song from Tool or some similar band. Do the gurus have any advice for cheap effects or good shot suggestions for me? Oh, and we can't use porno so that's out.

The Gurus Respond:

If you can loop a clip of me knocking a bad guy on the head with the hilt of my axe, I just have this feeling that it would fit.

Konami Kid 0004
Too bad you don't work here in the lab, you'd have plenty of stock to choose from.

Konami Kid 0004
And you could rescue me.

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