Bruce Campbell

Originally posted on Nov 14, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
It would seem that Bruce Campbell, champion of the people, doesn't want to be remembered for his portrayal as Ash from the Evil Dead series. He even signs the director's cut of Army of Darkness as "Bruce 'I'm not Ash' Campbell," and claims that his television career is currently more important. So as which character would he prefer to be remembered: the suspiciously Ash-like guy from Brisco County Jr., the suspiciously Ash-like guy from Xena, or the suspiciously Ash-like guy from Jack of All Trades?

An answer, even if from Karsh, would be welcome.

The Gurus Respond:

Civ Gandhi
That is the problem with phenomenons, my friend. You do some thing that really stand out and then that's all they want you to do. "Hey Mahatma, make some salt! Hey Mahatma, do a hunger strike!"

Civ Gandhi
Nobody ever wanted to see my erotic sculptures! What the hell? I used marble and everything!

Civ Gandhi
Now you go away! I am very pissed off at you my friend!

Duke Nukem
And don't come around here with your "suspiciously Ash-like" talk anymore. Not unless you want a lead salad from yours truly. I'm tired of hearing it.

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