wang troubles

Originally posted on Nov 09, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
I know it's normal for a lot of guys to be 'ready to go' pretty soon after you fool around a bit with your girlfriend. But mine is such a slow starter that 35 mins later when I can finally get her ready for the main event (unclothed and such) I'm just too frustrated and long past MY moment of excitement to really perform.

She's also not into anything oral really so it rules out that. Am I just an impotent 20 year old, or does this happen between a lot of guys and their girlfriends?

The Gurus Respond:

Sounds like you need to relax, guy. It's purely psychological.

Lewis Black
Not into anything oral? Holy shit, where'd you meet her? A convent?

A Rose!

Tuxedo Mask
Erections are a special gift that a woman gives to a man. Your denial of a full-on chubby to Cheshire Cat makes you my enemy! How dare you keep your gift in your closed mouth? How can you say you love him and deny him this gift? I'll show you the error of your ways, prepare yourself!

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