Comfortably Numb

Originally posted on Nov 08, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
I think I have lots of problem with self-esteem and I'm looking for a way to think better of myself. I know I have some potential to be an okay normal-type kinda guy but many years of self-infliction left my soul sad. What would be a good trick to get a smile and a good thought about myself regularly?

The Gurus Respond:

Civ Wise Man
TMOL scientists have discovered the secret of The Daily Affirmation!

Lewis Black
Oh please, no new age crap. Thank you.

Cliff Bleszinski
Whenever I feel down, I go shopping for a snazzy new outfit!

Diablo Barbarian
Are you sure you're

Cliff Bleszinski
For the last time, YES.

I find ze best vay to be happy is to associate all your negatif feelings vith sexual excitement, creating new and progressifly humiliating vays to perform ze act of luf. Zis vay you are content everyvere outside of ze bedroom.

But you don't look very happy.


Muzza, you haf corrupted me so! I vould be lying if I claimed not to be fully erect at zis moment. Curse you, muzza!

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