Originally posted on Nov 01, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
I consider myself fairly even keeled guy... when things go wrong, i usually don't have that hard a time keeping my emotions in check and dealing with the situation at hand. The huge exception to this rule is when the problem is between me and my girlfriend... when she's upset, I become a complete and utter basket case. Why are matters of the heart so much harder to deal with? Do the gurus have any secrets for making it easier?

The Gurus Respond:

Darth Sidious
It is your destiny to dominate the relationship. Then there would be no reason for her to be upset, for your wisdom would benefit the both of you as a couple, even if it does not benefit her as an individual.

Darth Sidious
Do not be afraid to impose a trade blockade or invade a nearby planetary system unprovoked to make sure you rise to power. Innocents may be harmed, but they are of no consequence. You must embrace your role as supreme leader of the relationship!

Darth Sidious
When she sees how powerful you have become, she will admire your take-charge attitude. And if she will not, then she must regrettably be destroyed.

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