gnostic lover gone bad?

Originally posted on Nov 01, 2000
Unenlightened Soul
Gorgeous illuminated guy was into me and compared me to dolphins in the middle of gnostic cabaret. Talked maturely of kids and other really interesting things. We have not yet surrendered to each other's physical charms - and now he has regressed to the age of 14 or summat like, winking at me when saying hello and goodbye. I ask you! Should I find this funny?

The Gurus Respond:

Lewis Black

Thom Yorke
Slang for something.

Lewis Black

Well, strangely enough, I still don't care.

Stevie Case
Since when do 14 year-olds wink anyway?

Lewis Black
Who knows, it's the U.K., they do all kinds of weird stuff like pat their left nostril when they're horny or stick their thumb in their ear when they're embarassed.

Stevie Case

Lewis Black
No, I made it up. Hey, at least there was no mention of "bad teeth."

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