TMOL Disillusionment

Originally posted on Apr 26, 2003
Unenlightened Soul
I've asked dozens of fantastic questions, dripping with metaphysical needs, and yet 3 versions of the same stupid question were answered in one day! What do you guys do with mine?

The Gurus Respond:

Dave Meinstein
I understand your concern, and don't worry. As an expert in nefarious plots perpetrated in virtual worlds, I've been brought in to solve this mystery.

Mistranslated Ship Captain
Good!! I have a thank you for you. We must be lucky to not bear the mystery alone.

Dave Meinstein
No doubt someone, or something, whose name starts with "The" is behind all of this.

Dave Meinstein
But before we investigate, we should fight little wolves. Would you join me to fight little wolves?

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